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My new love. Walgreens.

It seems like I have been blogging about shopping all this time. Hey, what can I say – it’s the holidays. People shop and what better way to share what I know to people who shop online than through my blog. A firm believer on coupons and discounts, I have learned my way around online shopping. You can just imagine the savings I have made by simply doing a little bit of research and purchasing the items that I would like to buy.

Most recently, I had to undergo a non-invasive surgery and therefore would need meds for pain right after (and other things as well). My registered pharmacy is CVS. But each time I go there, it would take time to fill the prescription and at most times, they don’t carry the basic pain medications like Percocet which is usually prescribed after surgery.

This time, I told my friend who picked me up from the hospital to stop by Walgreens and check there first. He was in and out of there within 10 minutes with everything that I needed. Imagine a patient in pain, waiting in the car and eager to get home and go to bed. Every minute counts.

So from then on, I have asked my provider to add Walgreens as my choice for pharmacies. When I went back there recently, I saw that they also offer photo processing. One of the Christmas gift ideas I had is to make photo albums of years past and gift that as gifts to my friends and families. It could take us back in time and have a laugh of two in the process. But, I didn’t want to buy it directly from the store. Why? Because these merchants are encouraging traffic to their online websites (online shopping will probably exceed mall shopping in the next decade or so) and get used to shopping online from their websites. Therefore, they offer discounts and free shipping as an incentive for you to go to their website and buy.

First thing I did when I got home was to search walgreens photo coupon – and voila!! There it was. They have all sorts of discounts. I mean 50% Off everything?! I didn’t see that at the store. They also offer a free 8X10 Photo Enlargement. That would be great for a photo album cover don’t you think?

Although I love Walgreens and I would choose them than other stores, it’s still better to pay less than you have to. And if I can pay less than I need to by simply Googling walgreens photo code, why not? It’s called Christmas. It was not meant to be called bankruptcy. LOL!