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Go into the hotel business or not? That’s my question.

Last night, I watched a special on NBC called Cruising on the High Seas. It was a mini documentary about the Cruise Line business. They featured Norwegian Lines or NCL. If you haven’t taken a cruise just yet, you should start planning to at least take one. After the first one, you can tell yourself whether to take another cruise or not. In my case, I became addicted to taking cruises. I’ve already taken two cruises (Mediterranean and Greek Isle Cruise) with Royal Carribean.

What’s intriguing about the documentary is the magnitude of tasks that rely on a crew of 1100 people I believe. From those who take care of the entertainment, food, cleaning, serving, bartending – it’s like running a hotel full time for how many ever days you are at sea.

Prior to that, I saw another documentary about the success of Marriott Hotels in India and around the world. To be able to serve your patrons and serve them with the best experience, you have to provide top notch service and top notch amenities.

PeachSuite Hotel Supply is in the business of supplying hotels with the things that are needed to provide patrons the best experience. From furniture to catering, kitchen supplies and banquet room supplies, they have it. And it is big business.

I have a friend who was born here in the US but is of Lebanese origin. He left the US and went back to Lebanon to set up and build a hotel with his father. Building a hotel is not a joke. If you want the patrons to come, you have to offer first class service. I wonder if he ordered his Hotel Supplies Online? Much of the items needed are high-quality items to show that you care for your patrons and that you are offering a high class service.

I remember that he gave me a call one time and he was wondering where he could get bathroom fixtures for a reasonable price and yet one of high-quality and design. A Hotel Amenities Supplier can provide you all the things you need to assist you in providing deluxe service to your patrons and give them what they require to enjoy their stay.

I am tempted to go into the hotel business or any leisure-type vacation business. I think that it would be a fun career to have and I could definitely be great at it. I love business and I love pleasing people. That’s just who I am. It’s a perfect match. If only I can get investors to join in. :(