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It’s freezing!!


This week is going to be very cold.  The only time I enjoy freezing weather is when I think about the slopes in Pennsylvania or Vermont.

I remember a time when I went to Holidaysburg, Pennsylvania to spend some time at the Franciscan Monastery up there.  I spent a weekend up in the mountains to discern whether the life of being monk appealed to me or not.  The experience gave me more than I expected.

I drove up there on a Friday when it was cold and snowy.  I spent my Friday evening with the monks, joining them in prayer and conversations regarding their experiences as monks.  Late that night, it rained.  The climate turned bitter cold.

The next morning, the friars had planned for me to visit the sisters in another convent.  As we walked out of the monastery, I was awed by the beauty of the icicles that had formed on the trees.  It felt like being in a wonderland of silver trees.  The mountains were covered with snow and all I could think about was skiing.

I first experienced skiing in the Poconos.  I was a teenager in New York and was invited to spend a weekend at a house owned by my friend’s parents.  I learned to ski pretty quickly but the bunny slopes was all I could get myself to try.  As time went on, I desired to ski each winter.  The next time I went, I was able to try a much more difficult course than the bunny slopes and still loved it.

I haven’t gone skiing for years.  This week’s temperature forecast made me think of getting away and try skiing once again.  But I already have vacations planned for the first half of the year so if I should go, it will be on a minimal budget. And how do I do that?

First, whenever I travel anywhere or buy something online, I search for coupons. I have saved tons of money doing so and it has become a must for me to search for coupons before traveling or purchasing anything online. I simply use a keyword like “skis coupon” or skis.com coupon to begin my search. Normally, you will be presented with coupons for skis or snowboards. But if you press on, you can get coupons for weekend holidays at ski resorts everywhere.

I love the snow (looking at it at least) only when I am at the slopes and have no care in the world. I don’t like driving in the snow. It’s different when you’re at the slopes. The feeling of the glaring sunlight in the midst of white and powdery snow can make you feel closer to heaven in my opinion. Besides, how else can we experience being enveloped in purity?

Anyway, I digress.

I am thinking of taking a retreat sometime in the summer and the freezing weather just made me think of the monastery in Holidaysburg, Pennsylvania. I would love to spend some time with the monks again for some quiet time and prayer.