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Loving Photobooks!

I’m off to Las Vegas in a week, then to Los Angeles in April.  My main vacation this year will be spent in Brazil where I will spend two weeks visiting Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre.

I usually bring my DSLR with me during my trips and I am going to take it with me when I go to Vegas and Arizona next week.  I am also bringing it with me during my college reunion in Los Angeles in April.  I have been advised not to take my DSLR to Brazil for safety reasons.

I love taking photos and even though my photos don’t usually include me in the picture, I like taking them to remember the places I’ve been.  I was able to capture great photos during my European and Mediterranean cruises in the past two years.  I’ve kept the photos in my laptop and have shared some on Instagram.   I rarely have photos developed anymore since I am really bad at maintaining and organizing photo albums.

During my recent visit to Chicago, I spent time with an old friend who showed me photos of his trips in the form of “photobooks”.  Have you seen those?  It’s amazing!  He travels more than I do and for each trip, he has a photobook holding memories better than a photo album would.  He has captions and styling, multiple photos in one page or simply one beautiful photo of the location on a single page that describes the beauty of the places he has visited.

I thought, that’s not a bad idea after all.  I could gather photos from my trip and send it off.  It will come back to me in photobook format and I can easily showcase my trips to people who visit me at the house or take it to parties and share it with friends.

And what did I say about purchasing anything online?  COUPONS!   It saves you more money than you think.  So, I decided to look for a snapfish coupon code or  shutterfly coupon code in my quest to find the best deal in having my photos compiled in a photobook.  I found out that these companies not only make photobooks but calendars and other items as well!

I now have to group all my photos and send it off.  I’m super excited to see the end result!