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I have a mutual friend who is equally spiritual.  We talk on the phone a lot and communicate almost every day about our journey as gay Christians.  It’s refreshing to know that someone who is gay can still share the same passion for spirituality who also displays the struggles each gay Christian goes through on a daily basis.

We also share another passion.  We both have the same devotion to the Blessed Mother.  Our devotion to the Virgin Mary extends to our love of art and statues depicting the Blessed Mother.

I couldn’t tell you how many statues of the Blessed Mother he owns depicting different apparitions around the globe.  I know that he has a statue of the Our Lady of Lourdes, Our Lady of Fatima, Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, and many more.

Because of his love of art and Our Lady, he recently acquired the statue (photos) of the Our Lady of La Sallette.  It arrived yesterday and he was happy to share the photos with me.  If you notice the first photo, the color of the roses are red, pink, and yellow.  It’s beautiful as is.  I think that the original color of the roses fit the statue already.  Not to my friend though.

He is reading the story of the apparition and read that the roses as described by the visionaries were more colorful.   He wanted to add more color to the roses to be real to the story of the children who saw the vision.

Like me, he is also frugal.  He doesn’t spend without any discount or  art.com coupon available to him for his art supplies.  I remember when he acquired a huge print of the Our Lady of Guadalupe of Mexico.  He had to purchase a special frame to hold the print.  Without any discounts, the frame could cost him more than three hundred dollars.  But, by searching for  picture frames coupon on the web, he was able to find the perfect frame at a fraction of the cost.

For this project, he used acrylic paint to change the colors of the roses from the original photo above.  He tried to change the colors with blue.  See picture below.


He wasn’t satisfied and eventually had to change the color to lavender.  See picture below:


I loved the blue roses but I think his choice of lavender is perfect.

Which one do you think looks better?  The original, the blue roses, or the lavender roses?