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My Dream Job.


I have been working since I was 18-years old. Thank God that I have been lucky enough to get a good job and live well. It’s not just pure luck though, I’ve been blessed. Yet, the job that I do is not the most ideal job for me. I love people and if I could work with people, I would love my job even more.

A friend of mine left his job here in the U.S. to move to Lebanon and work with his father, building hotels and running them.

I wish I could simply quit my job, build hotels and run them. Only if I had the money to support it. I could be Donald Trump in the making. But then again, it’s a lot of hard work and building something from the ground up is no joke.

If I were to build one though, how does one start? Investors are needed. That’s a given. But after obtaining the place, how do you fill it with supplies? I would like to build a hotel that’s fit for a king. I don’t want cheap towels and less than 300-thread count sheets. It has to be upscale.

With the internet, it’s easier to find suppliers. If you search for “Hotel Supply Online“, you are sure to get a gazillion hits. The task is to pick the best one among the results.

Or, you can be specific to the location where you are building if you need to. “Atlanta Hotel Supply ” search will give you suppliers in the area of Georgia I would presume. I guess in my friend’s case, “Lebanon Hotel Supplies” would have been his best bet.

One other lucrative business in a hotel is catering and bars. Setting up a lounge and earning from the bar could be a good supplement to unrented rooms for the day. Because in the hotel business, if a room is not booked, that revenue is lost forever. So you have to attract people to other things that would provide revenue to the business. Searching “Hotel Bar Supplies” could also provide you the same thing.

It’s easier now to find suppliers for any business if you are knowledgeable in doing your searches online. Someday, I may quit my job and start with a bed and breakfast business somewhere. Thank goodness for the internet. It makes one’s quest to start a business much easier. Don’t you agree?